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Lets us find you talented Romanian crewmembers waiting for you. Don’t hesitate to find out the possibilities we can provide you. Get in touch with us anytime per mail or telephone.

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Whether you need sailors, deckmen, steersmen or other crewmembers. We will find you the right person. Sit back and let us do the work for you.


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It has been a blessing to work with Horizon Infinity Jobs. We no longer have to worry about crewing our ships and the crew we got provided are very talented and eager to work. I only wished we discovered this company sooner as I highly recommend it.

J. de Bot, TRABA Donau Logistics B.V.

This company has been excellent to work with. They provide extraordinary customer service and maintain professionalism in every situation. Their timely responses and open communication allow us to keep all parties informed. Their hard work is greatly appreciated.

Valeriu Radoi

We had the pleasure of working with Horizon Infinity Jobs for just over a year as a staffing company. They held an excellent level of professionalism in managing its contact and accounts. The staff is helpful, knowledgeable, pleasant and quick to respond. Horizon Infinity Jobs make the total process effortless, despite the troublesome situations at times. We are looking forward to work with this company for many years to come.

Fabian Barbulescu
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